Wednesday, August 3, 2011

August 3, 2011

My neighbor, Ken, came over yesterday.

He has this new i-phone thingy that does all sorts of cool stuff.

He just had to show me some of the "apps". One of which that would play any song you wanted, PLUS you could view the sheet music at the same time, PLUS the phone has a little kick stand that you can set it up on the table like a picture frame of sorts. Amazing, Cool stuff.

I said....

"Oh yeah...that's nothin !"

"Last night, I got Sammy to EAT PIZZA ! "

And, he loved it...ate almost the whole delicious cardboardy, frozen, buy 5 pizzas for a dollar at Wal-Mart kind !

As previously reported, Sam IS very discriminating in his cuisine selection. So, this was a huge advancement in his "apps" !

Ken put his phone down at that point and agreed with enthusiasm...

"Yep, you're right..THAT'S amazing, Cool stuff !"

Now for a Summer update:

1. Marky has stayed well all summer!

2. He turned 9 on July 31st !

3. July 30th was his one year anniversary for his Jeep Make-a-wish!

4. Marky and his parents got to ride in a Hum-Vee in the PIONEER DAY PARADE on the 25th of July! He was dressed in all his Army geer, complete with beret and a chest full of medals. He was very popular with the photographers. Had his picture taken with the "Parade Royalty" ! Hoorah Marky !

5. Scott, Age 16, received his Patriarchal Blessing also on Sunday the 31st ! A very special day for him.

Marky is very pleased with all the significant things that occur on the 31st...His cousin, Brookie, was married last year on his birthday...Scotty got his P. Blessing on his birthday...And most honorable and noteworthy is that Marky shares his birthday with his beloved maternal Grandmother Huff !

They have celebrated their birthdays almost every single year together. Grandma Huff has scheduled her visits to Utah around their special day. This has become a sweet bond between them.

This year Grandma Huff became an Octogenarian ! (is there an "o" in the middle of that? or is it an "a" ??) She joins that rank with the grace and style that only a Southern Belle can!

We love her and honor her.

Hope all your summer "soire's" are sensational !

Love from Marky's camp.


Erin said...

So happy to hear that Marky is doing well, that Sammy is eating pizza!, and that Scott got his patriarchal blessing! Glad to hear you're having a good summer! Love you guys!

Sarah's corner said...

Yup, I would say Sam eating pizza is way cooler stuff!
Wow! Busy July!
Patriarchal blessings are awesome! I am so grateful for mine, it has literarly saved my life a couple of times!
How fun to have birthday with grandma!
July is a special month for your family!
Glad you get to celebrate all the good things!

Love you guys,
PS: you didn't tell us about Lagoon!