Friday, July 16, 2010

Friday the 16th of July in Marky's World--

Last night two REALLY COOL guys showed up at our door to interview Marky about his Make-A-Wish !

One guy (Pat) had a camera, and the other guy (Mike) was the
designated "interviewer".

They were great. Mike wanted to know all about Marky and how
he came up with the idea that an ARMY JEEP would be the PERFECT

The camera guy, Pat, handed the fuzzy microphone to Mike, who aimed it in Markys direction.

We all sat with great anticipation of a descriptive stream of verbage from Marky illustrating himself playing in his backyard on a real army jeep, protecting the universe from all evil-doers !...........

Then it happened------------

The thing a mother always fears when someone asks her child a leading question that would encourage him to speak eloquently and time-consuming ( like they do when no one else is around to see it)..............

THE " shoulder shrug "! ! ! !

Yep, he sat there like a bump on a log ! But that's a different story !

When Sam realized that the weird fuzzy thing was actually a Microphone, HE started chirping ! He was giving HIS version of all of it ! In his own native tongue, of course, that only angels can interpret. We had to keep shushing him. Which did not bode well with Sam !

Eventually, our two new friends convinced Mark and Scott to re-enact some battle maneuvers in the backyard with their army gear on. Marky came alive !

The most entertaining part was watching Pat, the camera guy, run around trying to follow Mark as he hunted down the enemy, Scotty !

These two guys were fantastic. They will be streaming their pod-casted story of Marky sometime in early August on the web with DICK NOURSE, the newscaster celebrity.

We SO appreciated their time and interest in our "Little Warrior". I think all my boys are "Warriors" for trudging onward through all of our "steep hills" and "deep valleys" .

I found a patriotic holiday decor door hanging thing thats red-white-and blue......I hung it in the kitchen....................

Painted on the front it says: "HOME OF THE BRAVE "...........

....Says it all, if you ask me .


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Cathy Wallace said...

Can't wait to see the broadcast! Please keep us posted.

Home of the Brave . . . every last one of you!

Love ya! Cathy