Tuesday, July 6, 2010

July 6th 2010----

Yesterday Marky rode in the "Freedom Festival Parade" down in Provo, UT.

He was invited, thru the "make-a-wish" granters, to ride on a WWII army tank!

The Military had numerous entries in the parade. This giant, magnificent,
"Hellcat" tank had actually been in theater at the Battle of the Bulge !

It was a grand honor to have my boys (Scotty got to ride next to him) seated
where great Heroes had ridden so many years earlier to protect and ensure
the freedoms we hold so dear today.

As I stood proudly beaming, I realized that My Marky and Scotty were among
others of rank as well.......

President Monson was a guest in the Parade too ! Along with several political
personalities such as Orrin Hatch, Jason Chaffetz, and tons of ranking Military
officers in highly decorated uinforms.....

There was a troop of "special needs" scouts that rode in style in the back of
a "deuce and a half" military transport. Now that was like seeing a gathering
of Angels among .....the rest of us. My Sammy went right up to them and waved
to his compatriots ! I told the troop leader that Sammy would be riding with
them someday, i was sure !

My point is, Marky (and Scott) were right up there with the best of them. They are equally as "valiant" and deserving to be riding "high" with all those "heroes" !

I realize many of you know kids, and adults, who have suffered greatly from illnes
and trials. Many far greater than my boys. Would that EACH of them, too, could be recognized as our Marky has been.

It was an honor and great priveledge to watch. I am so grateful to have been there and have that opportunity to see Marky have fun.

A beautiful sight that i never wouldve imagined in a million years! If you were to tell me back in December 2009, that my Marky would ride on a tank.... in a parade.... on the 4th of July.....I wouldve thrown you outa the hospital room and yelled.......
......"AND STAY OUT !"

Love you all------"proud mom"


Anonymous said...

Wish I could've seen them riding in that parade....Mark truly is a HERO! And one of the three sweetest boys in the world!!!!


Bre said...

Thanks for making me cry. That really pulled at my heart strings, Netti. Beautiful.

DianeandJordanNielson said...


I loved the pictures....so sorry I missed seeing "the boys" up on that tank. I bet Marky was grinning ear to ear.

Love Ya,