Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas to all!!!

For your information we have opened a new Charitable donations account for Mark Jeanes at the America First CU. For you who wish to donate you can go to any America First location and donate to the Mark Jeanes Charitable Donations account. Additionally we, Ken and Vickie Crocheron Donation Forms you can have for your records but simply asking for that at the CU location while making donations will work fine.

Mark is now in the surgical unit @ PMC and because of his weakened immune state limited visitation rules should be observed: (1) no visitors under age 14. (2) no visitors with any infections including the seasonal colds and flu.

Updates to mark's condition will be posted daily as they become available. You prayers and kindnesses in Mark's family are so very much appreciated and we all join in praying for a miracle at Christmas. The doctors at the PMC are stumped as to the exact diagnosis and have sent slides to consultants around the country. Results from their efforst will hopefully start to come in next week. Until then everyone awaits with heavy hearts lifted with hope.

Love to All,

Ken and Vickie