Saturday, December 26, 2009

Marky says Hi to all of his friends!


jacqui said...

Ethan says "hi Marky ,hope santa brought you some fun stuff" .We miss ya and are praying for you.
love the Wilshers

heath_scott said...

Hi Marky! I am praying for you too and I want you and Jonah to come over and play as soon as you are better and the weather is nice!

(Jonah's Aunt) Heather

Jenny said...

Hey Marky!!! We look at your blog everyday and talk about how awesome you are! We can't wait until it's summer again and we can all go swimming in Uncle Alan's pool! Love you little man!

Jenny, Bryant, Kaden and Lily

Sharyle said...

Marky is always in my thoughts and prayers. What a trooper! I hope you like the video of your class at school. Can you believe Santa left a message for you? That was awesome! LoL

Amanda said...

You are an example to our family! Your sweet endurance has taught us to be less complaining and more grateful. Still praying for you!

lvtobehpy said...

Hi Marky, The high light of my day was watching you sleep this afternoon. You looked like a little angel. But sounded like a bear snoring. Only kidding. I enjoyed reading all the little cards and well wishes and visiting with your dad. He is a great guy and loves you very very much. Keep resting and get stronger. I miss teasing my little fruitcake.