Wednesday, December 30, 2009

- A note from Marky's big brother Scott,

Once again thank you all for being so supportive in this unfortunate event. It is nice to have such caring and loving friends and neighbors to cheer are little marky on. Just the other day i was up at the hospital at marky's bed side thinking of how many people have been up to see mark in the past few days, and how much people care for marky and our family.

In My opinion even if they havent found a cure marky's problems we still have humor and positive thinking........ When i was up in the ICU with marky (once again at his bed side) i held his hand as he gripped mine ever-so tightly, and i said"oh marky! i am so, so, so sorry" as i was trying not to cry in front of him and then he said "hey at least they know whats wrong with me" (this was before they out-ruled the limphoma or how ever you spell it). This made me realize that he is such a trooper and that he always tries to find the positive things in every aspect of his life. It also made me think of how hard marky is personaly praying and how much it means to him.........

"Heavenly father, are you really there?
And do you hear and answer every childs prayer?
some say that heaven is far away, but i feel it close around me as i pray"

- primary song "a childs prayer".

THANK YOU! - scott cole :^)