Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Yesterday the surgical team visited Marks room and discussed taking out the feed tube in favor of a J-Tube in an attempt to nourish the upper colon which has become dormant. This is certainly a necessity to insure that the colon survives.

It is felt that a surgical solution to the Spindle Cell involvement is not realistic. A bowel transplant requires "clear margins" in order to insure that the transplanted tissue bonds and survives. Evidently there is no clear margin.

The oncology team still awaits the analysis of the pathology slides sent for comment. Still there is definitive diagnosis and therefore no protocol for treatment.

After much research it is evident that a disease of this nature is very rare in children and the cases reported are few and far between. One thing that did come out was that there have been some anti-retro viral drugs combined with chemotherapy that have yielded good results. This might be a possibility pending the actual definitive diagnosis.

For all who have rallied to help this family.....God Bless You. As you can imagine, the expenses associated with this case are going to be extreme and the effects on the Jeanes family will be felt for a long time to come.

If you can help financially, a charitable donations account is set up at America First Credit Union for Mark. The account is listed as the, "Mark Jeanes Charitable Donations Account" and is accessible at all AFCU branches.

On Christmas Day a miracle birth happened at PMC both mother and child were for all intents considered clinically dead but both were saved. Maybe there can be another miracle called the "Marky Miracle?"
Love to All
Ken and Vickie Crocheron


Sharyle Karren said...

As always, faith and prayers are with you all.

lvtobehpy said...

Thank you Ken & Vickie for your love and devotion to this family.

mary said...

We continute to pray and fast for a "Marky Miracle." You all are ever on minds and we ache to be there with you.
-Mary and Steve

Anonymous said...

We need to get the word out about donations! With everyone working together we can make a difference for them on that end, its something we all can really come together and help them with!

Jen Larsen

Anonymous said...

Hi Lynette, I can't begin to tell you how devistated Tammi and I were to hear what your son and family are going through. Lee told me last week what was going on with Marky. Please know that we love you and that Marky,You, and your family are in our prayers. I have a son the same age as Marky and when I look at him I can only imagine how you must feel. I hope and pray everything will work out for you.

Rusty and Tammi Simkins

Cathy Wallace said...

Hi Scott, Thanks for your awesome notes about Marky and the words to that sweet Primary song! You are an amazing guy! Your mom has three incredible sons! :) I'm glad you can be there to hold Marky's hand, sometimes a guy just needs his big brother!
Love, Sister Wallace

Hill.cindy said...

James, Lynette & Marky,
Are thoughts and prayers are with you all. We finally got onto the blog. Not sure if this is the right place to send the jokes, but we have a couple. Hope they will help lighten your spirts. 2 muffins in an oven: 1 muffin says to the other "man its getting hot in here" The other muffin says, "Oh My Gosh! a talking muffin" My 20-year-old told me this one, Brandon. The other is a comment my granddaughter Taylor made, she is 6-years-old. Jerami& Stephanie recently started coming to church with us and were commiting to each other about how nice it was to be going. Stephanie made a comment "we don't want Taylor to turn into a serial killer or anything" Taylor said, "I don't even like ceral that much"

Love Cindy