Monday, December 28, 2009

Monday morning--from Markysmom,

Still waiting for word from the "wizard's of oz" (Pathologists)! Marky is still in considerable pain. He is currently in a "Phenergan Phfog" and sleeping peacefully.

My twin sis. (Lori, whom I refer to as "what i'm sposed to look like") related to me some thoughts from her dear neighbors, the White's. Jon White pointed out the many miracles that are taking place with Marky. Not only the miracle that he is still with us, but the miracle that this 7 year old child has brought so many people together. Hundreds of people all engaged in the same cause-----to pray and fast for the sake of a small child----that in itself is a miracle.

No matter the outcome of Markys "mission", many miracles have been adorned on this child and on this community of friends and family. What a gift.

I always refer to our little Sammy as a "gift", too. He will turn 5 yrs old this Fri. Jan. 1st!!!! Another miracle that i doubted i would ever see. He seems to be sensitive to whats happening with Marky and by report from others, he has been a delight to everyone around him, and "no trouble"!!

Will update as soon as any new word is revealed on Markys future!

Love to all, and a gazillion thanks------Marky's mom, lynette


The Evans Family said...


Thanks for the update! You are an incredibly strong woman! So many lives will be blessed through you and the wisdom and strength that you will share through the years to come. Remember that our Heavenly Father loves you and your family. Please know our thoughts & prayers are with you. Let me know if there is anything I can do!


Anonymous said...

You're amazing. Thinking of you and your family always.
Love you,

DianeandJordanNielson said...

Hey Marky.....thanks for the great party last night. Next time we will have to make it an all nighter and not sleep at all! You are such a strong spirit, you inspire me every day. LOVE YA!!!


Nikki said...

Sounds like Marky is still fighting a good fight! He is amazing! What a sweet spirit you've been blessed with :) We love you all and miss you too. Keep that positive attitude and the updates of all the tender mercies comin'! We love hearing how you are all doing. Lots of love,

Kari Howell said...

Nettie! I love reading your posts! So is Marky in the ICU still? Are you guys taking visitors? Also, I can not believe Sammy is turning 5!!! That is awesome. He looked ADORABLE yesterday in church- not that he doesn't always, but it was fun to see him, and he does seem like he is sharing the love with everyone around him. Marky, you are awesome and I love all your alien pictures! You are a trooper and a fighter! Good job, we love you and pray for you!

Lee said...

We all prayed for marky at the dinner table last night at Mom and Dad's. Our hearts and minds and compassion were with you. Lynette, you are a great example to me. I wish I was just half the person you are. I love you, Marky, Sammy, Scottee and James

Uncle Booty

Erin said...

Hi Marky (and family)! Just wanted to let you guys know that you are constantly in our thoughts and in every prayer we say. We love our wonderfully sweet, awesome, and heroically brave cousin, Mark!
Erin & Ben

Cathy Wallace said...

Hi Lynette,
Talk about miracles . . . you are one! What faith! Please give one of my favorite little swimmers a hug from me. You are all in our constant prayers.
Love, Cathy

Lisa Hodson said...

Mark, you're my hero. I've been thinking about you today and how you wanted to be a running buddy for your friend at school so he wouldn't have to run alone. Reading your mom's note made me realize that you have a whole bunch of running buddies. Although they can't run for you (although i'd bet most of them would if they could), they're cheering you on and making sure you don't have to run alone. Keep your spirits and stay tough.

Sharyle Karren said...

There are many miracles taking place because of Marky. Marky and his wonderful family have touched our lives in so many ways. Sammy is an angel. He is so happy and a delight to be around. The first time I saw him he had my heart wrapped up! Lynette, you are so strong and good. Take time to savor the love, prayers and angels coming your way. LOL

Anonymous said...

Mark I miss you in class! We are all very sad you are not feeling well. We wish we could see you. We think of you all the time. I hope you feel better soon.

Your School friend,
Kenli Coon