Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Tuesday in Markysroom---

I so love reading all of your comments as you respond to Markys latest adventure! Thank you for your cheering and supportive words that help us to keep fighting !

The news this afternoon is that Marky's "pathology slides have been sent out to Nashville to a specialist for review. Her name is Cheryl Coffin--at Vanderbuilt. I will pray for her specifically, that she will recognize and identify this tumor and make recommendations without delay.

Marky's 2nd grade teacher--Lisa Hodson, reminded us in her comments a tender story about our Marky. I will share it with all of you..

Early in the school year Mark came home and told me that one of his buddies at school couldnt keep up with everyone as they ran their laps around the field. (This dear child was born with some physical limitations that cause him to have a limp when he walks--not to mention runs) So everyone would wait for him to finish--by himself. Marky's biggest concern was that this special friend ran alone while everyone watched and waited.

Marky asked me if I thought his teacher would let him run with this dear boy so he could have a "friend". I'm sure the other kids probably thought of this too, but our little Marky acted on his impressions! A note was sent to Miss Hodson asking if he could be this angel's "running buddy" and the request was welcomed.

I hope that Marky's position can be temporarily filled as Alex's running buddy until Marky returns to the track!

As Lisa stated in her comments, all of you are now Marky's "running buddies" ! What a blessing each of you are to Marky and our family.

Marky sends his love, along with mine-----Lynette