Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year;

There is never an uninteresting day here at Primary Children's Hospital especially in Mark Jeanes' world. During the night Mark was very uncomfortable and his abdomen was so bloated he simply could not settle in for the second night in a row. The decision was made to perform a parasyntesis to drain the fluid. Mark's blood count was low and before going to the radiologist for the parasyntesis, the hematologist mixed a blood cocktail and began a transfusion. After the first infusion, Mark was whisked off for the procedure.
2300 cc's of liquid was drained and some blood was found during the process. Mark's surgeon was not concerned about the blood and felt that it was not from "new bleeds" but likely remnant blood from the surgical procedure a week ago.
Cytology will be performed on the fluid drained for pathology.
And speaking of pathology, Dr Cheryl Coffin from Vanderbilt University has done an initial review of slides sent last week and stated that she was looking at several potential items but that she needed more samples to make a definitive diagnosis. " Closing in but not there yet!"
I remember only too well the frustration of "the wait" as I went through numerous procedures leading to a diagnosis 23 years ago. it was arduous and seemed to take forever. In the end though a diagnosis was made and a treatment formulated. Certainly that will happen here too and we hope and trust that the many dedicated doctors working on Mark's case will be guided and inspired in the process and that we, the family and friends will stand firm and resolute.
Mark's now back in his room and receiving the second infusion of blood which will complete the transfusion and thereby build his base blood chemistry. The relief of pressure though temporary, will certainly help him feel more comfortable and perhaps, allow him some sleep.
I know Vickie and I love and appreciate everyone's support and the help all of you give, physical, emotional, spiritual and financial. As we march into 2010 we do so with faith and hope in brighter days for all.
God Bless,
Ken Crocheron