Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Please know how deeply moved and appreciative the Jeanes and family are for the many kindnesses, gifts, prayers and fasting in Mark's behalf.

It is easy to love Mark Jeanes; he is kind to everyone and seldom complains or says negative things. Right now he suffers and continues to fight whatever is heaped upon him and lately that is an awful load for anyone much less, a child. His surgery lasted several hours and he now is in the PICU (Pediatric Intensive Care Unit) with all the top-tier medical care the hospital can provide.
Everyone wants to know what was found and that is a complicated set of issues to describe. His surgeon upon completion of the procedure, stated that Mark's upper colon was completely involved with "Spindle Cells" which is a general term for a far more complex book of possibilities. If you Google "Spindle Cells" you will get why this is too tough to call or answer all the questions as it can mean many different diseases that are too many to mention here in the blog.
What is most important to remember is that the reference to Spindle was made by the surgeon and the pathology of the tissues taken in the procedure has not yet been diagnosed by the diagnosticians and that is what we await.Those results will begin to come in midday (hopefully) and over the course of the next several days as the pathology is cross-checked by different specialists and even other institutions as may be needed.
What makes this particularly difficult for Mark's neighbors and friends is that he now can no longer be seen or talked too as he is in isolation so I will work to keep all information uploaded on the blog to assist in the process.
Again, thank You......All of you.


Debbie Rhoads said...

The Primary kids have made a little "singing Christmas card" video for you for Christmas. We put it under your tree at home so you can watch it whenever you get a chance. Know that we love you and continue to pray for you all!

Jen said...

Just want to let you know we love you guys and are constantly thinking about you. We pray the doctors will figure this out soon! Love ya-Jen Richards

Markys mom said...

Hi Everyone---Marky has been moved to a surgical unit on the third floor rm 3058. He is stable enough to leave the ICU. He has been awake enough to ask for his "bubba" (scotty). Whom has been at his bedside all day, along with his cousin Maddie, cheering him on!

Scotty always has a positive aura about him and his infectious humor is a relief to us all.

One of the Doctors today reported that results of the type of tumor will probably not be available till next week. The "abnormal" cells are widespread throughout the enitire small intestine.

Until then, he will be monitored and kept "comfortable" as far as pain goes. He continues to be fed through his veins, has a "J" tube in his nose, and several other wires and lines keeping him going.

I feel the presence of our Savior's mercy and love as we are here in this magnificent hospital. Marky is a valiant young man. He accepts his challenges with courage. He is a dear, sweet child. We will support whatever plan the Lord has for us and try to "go and do" with determination and head held high.

Thanks to all of you for your many kindnesses and support. None of this could be accomplished without your love.

May you all enjoy the true meaning of Christmas. Its not the toys, its the gift of Love, family and friends!

Markys mom said...

Hi again......
Scotty tells me its room 3083! Numbers are so dumb!

Oh, and if you're wondering how we will spend Christmas.... I'm pretty sure Santa will find Marky up here in his room. The Draper 3rd ward primary delivered a fully decorated, pre-lit Christmas tree to him!!! His cousins have fabricated a life-size chimney complete with stockings that will facilitate Santa's access to his room!

An Ice Sculpturer is carving santa's sleigh and reindeer out in front of the hospital! Anonymous donors are flooding the hospital with gifts for all the little angels that are here. What a great outpouring of love to witness.

Love to you all, once again.....Lynette

autumnkelsch said...

Lynette, All your comments bring tears to my eyes, your such a great and positive role model, I hope that they will figure this out soon. Call us please if you need anything, Love you guys TOO much, Kelschs

autumnkelsch said...

Lynette, It will not let me leave a comment under my name, so I have to use Autumns for now... Love ya-Megan

lvtobehpy said...

Thanks Lynette so much for the update. I am in awe of all the courage you are showing the rest of us. It looks like Santa may have made an early stop to your house judging by all the presents under your tree. Will you be able to come home and get them or would you like them delivered to his room? I am happy to hear that he can have visitors once again. Love you and pleaseeeeeeeeeeee take care of yourself.

amy m said...

Seriously, your own Christmas tree, fireplace with chimney and stockings?! You guy are so loved.

suzanne said...

Hey Jeanes family,
Just a few days ago we heard about what you are going through and have been thinking about you and praying for you ever since. We think the world of your family--you are amazing. We pray that the Lord will continue to strengthen and bless you as you face this trial and that you'll have some answers soon.
The Dahls

Nikki said...

Lynette- I was so touched reading your update on Marky. You are definitely feeling the tender mercies of the Lord. May He continue to COMFORT and BLESS you like only HE can. We love you all and hope that we will be able to make it up soon for a visit. Strep throat and Influenza running amuck here at my pad. Just know that we love you all and keep a constant prayer in our hearts for Marky's comfort and your solace. We love you and Wish you a very Merry Christmas. I'm sure Santa knows right where to find Marky! Take care and hope to see you soon.

Sharyle said...

Marky, we love you. We missed you at school today so we recorded our Holiday Sing a Long for you to see. Santa was there and he left you a message on the recording. We took a picture of your class in front of the Christmas tree. Mrs. Hodson and Mrs. Whittaker have some deliveries for you.
You are so lucky to have such a wonderful family. They are so lucky to have you! Love, Mrs. Karren

Lee said...

At least Marky has faith. Kenneth's kids do not beleive in Santa Clause. Blasphemy Mark is proof there is not just one Santa, but many!!!!!! Thanks to all the Santa's in Marky's life. we appreciate and love you.

Uncle Booty

Heather Bailey said...

Lynnette, it is heart wrenching to see your beautiful boy in distress. He is lucky though that he has such an amazing support group and family that loves him so much. You are an amazing mother and person! One day I will get to meet your babies. Keep holding on.

Anonymous said...

Lynette ,we want you to know that you have all been in our thoughts and we are praying for you all too .Ethan Prays for Marky every night. We will be thinking of you at this christmas time,sounds like you have lots of people who love you but then thats no surprise ,its hard not to love a family like yours ,you have done nothing but show us kindness since we came to live in America for which we will be forever grateful ,please let us know if we can help you in anyway
Wilsher Family xxxx

Cathy Wallace said...

Dear Lynette, James, family and friends,
We just heard about Marky when we were at our son's wedding last Saturday. We're so very sorry! How much can one family endure!? You are all so amazing and handle your trials with incredible grace and faith. Marky is so blessed to have a family that loves him so much and shares their humor even in the darkest times. We loved it that he told the ambulance driver that the hosital burned down- just head for home! :)
Thank-you to all who are keeping up this blog, we read with tears running down our cheeks and keep you all in our constant prayers. We hope for answers and a miracle!
Love, Dave, Cathy, and family