Thursday, December 24, 2009

From Markysmom on Christmas Eve

Merry Christmas to all of you! Again,We extend our heartfelt gratitude for the outpouring of generosity and kindness from people everywhere who are concerned for Marky.

He continues to fight the good fight. He will spend Christmas Eve with his mom and dad as we wait and watch for Santa to come!!!! The word in the halls here at Primary's is that Santa heaps more stuff on these angel children than anywhere in the world! I know he heaps more blessings here than most places, THAT is true!

Today we've been watching a DVD that our ward's primary children created! They filmed themselves singing and being goofy (Marky's favorite part) and showed them as they decorated an adorable Christmas tree for Marky. It lifted all of our spirits....Thanks to all who helped with that.

Our other "angel boy", Sam, has been spreading his cheer with many of our friends and family. To all of you, we thank you for caring for him. Our oldest son, Scott, who continues to be our beacon of positive hope, will spend Christmas with the Cole side of our family, then come back to see Marky.

We continue to keep our hopes lifted toward heaven for our Father's mercy on this dear child.

Love to everyone, Lynette


Byron and Jana said...

Merry Christmas to your sweet family! I love reading the 'mom' version of things. You are amazing people and we are better for knowing you that is for sure. I know this will be a Christmas to remember and thinking of you all has given this season a whole new meaning to me. Wish I was there to throw a snowball at your hospital window or something, but I will bring home some yummy AZ citrus from my parents yard if that is any consolation! Love you all!
Jana and family

Jennifer said...


You are all constantly in my thoughts and prayers.


dansiefamily said...

We think of you always and keep prayers in our hearts for Marky and the family. Thank you for your strength and faith.
Miss you Marky, Merry Christmas. Love you all.

Joan Christensen said...

Dear Marky and Family,

I know that Santa will come tonight and leave you the greatest give of all, good health. Love to "my boy Marky" from Grandma Joan in Raleigh, N. C.

Anonymous said...

Thinking of you and your family!! Alex misses Mark so much! Merry Christmas!! The Ganong Family

Kari Howell said...

Lynette, We Love you! Merry Christmas to you all! This whole experience has changed Christmas for all of us this year and thank you for your example, postive attitude and faith. In David's family they give compliments to people when it is their birthday, so because we celebrate His birth today and tomorrow, we were giving compliments today. I had a kind of "aha" moment, realizing (as I have before but often lose perspective) that when we have the right perspective, nothing in the world can really hurt us and everything will be ok. We know what is most important, like your courageous sweet son, our families, and our Savior and His plan. We realize that this earth life is but a glimpse in time for all of us, and we can do all things with our Father in Heaven- we are praying for you and our thoughts are with you, James, Sam, Scotty and Marky. Thank you for sharing your sweet experiences and attitude with us. Love,

Kari and Family

MillsFam said...

Jeanes Family,
Merry Christmas to you! Please know that Marky and all of you are in our prayers and thoughts at this time. You are all amazing, Marky is amazing, and we are grateful for your example in strength and faith, and for the perspective you have given us this time of year. We are eternally grateful for your friendship and love. Thank you for sharing your experiences and for the updates - we all check this blog regularly! Love you and Merry Christmas!
--The Mills Family

Anonymous said...

All of our love-all of our hearts-all of our faith and all of our prayers to ALL of you! Merry Christmas! All of the Fidlers and Sperrys.

Amanda said...

Lynette, Thank you for all that you have done for our family. We pray for your and your family every prayer and you are constantly in our thoughts. We love you all! ~The Amakasu Fam

amy m said...

Hey Lynette, James, Markey, Scotty, and Sammy...

Merry Christmas, all.

Everything everyone else has said is right on the money. My heart is more tender this season as I witness your tremendous courage and faith in the face of such a challenge.

Please let Markey know I'll get him another Pizza Hut ham and pineapple pizza with a side order of cheese bread whenever he wants it.

Love you, Amy

Cathy Wallace said...

We hope Santa squeezed down your cousin-built fireplace, your presents are heaped high, your hearts are light, and hopes are high. We love you!
Prayers, Cathy

Sarah's corner said...

Dear Lynette,
I am sooo sorry to hear what you are going through.
Let me know if I can do anything to help you.

Sarah's corner said...

Sorry, I didn't sign.
My prayers are with you.
Sarah Hoopes