Sunday, December 27, 2009

Sunday night in Markysroom!

Markys big accomplishment today was getting up to be weighed on the scale! With the help of his dad and his nurses he wobbled his way there and back to his bed. What a ginormous feat!!!!

He got the bandage changed on his "PIC" line, which is never fun. Removing tape and bandages from tender delicate skin is THE WORST!!!! He continues to bear his burdens valiantly.

He's been drinking a fair amount of sips of water and ice chips today....mingled with hints of sprite and gatorade, when no one is looking!!! It's the little joys of life, isn't it?!?!?

The local U of U LDS ward comes in on Sundays to offer church services. If you cant make it to the mini chapel, the guys will come to your room and offer you the Sacrament. A cute little primary teacher also came in to give him his primary lesson. What a great place to heal!!!!

Monday will hopefully yield some results of the biopsies done during his exploratory surgery last week. It may take longer to hear, we dont know.

Marky is in considerable pain tonite. We continue to plead with the angels to comfort him.


Anonymous said...

Marky is the sweetest boy in the whole world!!! Did I mention that already - aunt lori

Sharyle said...

I think you did say that. But keep on saying it because it really is true! LOL Marky!