Thursday, December 17, 2009

Please remember Mark in your prayers. Today he gets a Laproscope to asses abdomen and GI track. The MRI shows nothing conclusive. They may at the same time put in a feeding tube.
Thanks to All



Anonymous said...

Goodmorning Mikey, this is Grandma, Simmons hope you are feeling much better today, tell your Mom & Dad, hello and your brothers, we love all of you and miss you, hope to see you all again someday. When you are well, would love for you boy's to come out for a Visit
and Grandpa take you all you fishing, he has Cousins who have ponds on their land. Also, I have Cousins who have ponds on their land, to go fish at. You get well, and we'll take all you boy's fishing, Your Mom and I will go to Yard Sales, hope to see you someday, God bless,all of you. Love you all and miss you. Grandpa & Grandma Simmons