Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Speaking of "running buddies",

I remember a particularly sweet story about Marky this summer...

We had an extra difficult month financially in June. The boys had what was thought of as possibly "swine" flu. The medicine,Tamiflu, was SO expensive---no insurance. I had to take a week or so off work w/o pay to care for everyone. And work was sporatic any way with the failing economy, so the paychecks were lacking any substance. We needed money to pay the bills..and fast!

We decided to have a huge yard sale. All of our furniture, except the beds and a few other items, were carted out on the front lawn. Couches, artwork, decorative chests, chairs, kitchen table, and a bunch of other stuff ---all sold.

I told the boys how lucky we were to get rid of it all!!! Now they could play ball in the house! And we could have a place for giant bean bags!! Marky was the most excited about this!

That evening as I came in to view our empty house, I cried at what I had done. But Marky was running all thru the house thrilled with the prospects ahead!

The next day, on Sunday, a truck pulled up in front of our house with an entire living room set to fill the empty front room! Marky was really bummed about this, but I assured him he still had the family room "open wide"

A few hours later another "running buddy" showed up with a couch for the family room. Marky was SOOOOOO MAD!! He marched up to his room and slammed the door! His "dream house" was wrecked with STUPID FURNITURE!

We never did get any bean bags. But when Marky comes home, he can play ball in any room he gosh darn pleases!!!!! And I will sell the new old couches and make him the giantest bean bag ever!!! Thats almost a promise!