Sunday, December 20, 2009

Mark is back in his room and the Onologists have visited. They ruled out Lukemia and most Lymphomas. Two undeslosed items for which they tested will not post results until Wednesday. While in surgery they placed a pic line which atually is a double valve line allowing them to extract blood while introducing medsthrough the same line. That is causing Mark considerable pain. His meds were changed to help with both pain and nausea.

Currently Marky is sedated and in a deep sleep. He will need to have fluid drained from his abdoman as it seems to be impinging on lung function and causing his sats to be low.

I will feed additional information as soon as it is received.


Jen Larsen said...

Poor baby! We will be thinking of him all day as usual and hoping he will start feeling some relief after they drain some fluid. Love you guys!

Mrs. Hodson's 2nd Grade Class said...

Mark, we're thinking about you here at Willow Springs. We're sending you our best wishes. We miss you and are hoping your doctors get you well and back with us soon.

Abby Roberts said...

I hope you get better soon and come back to school soon.