Saturday, December 19, 2009

Friday night:

First of all, Thanks to all of you for your prayers and support! This would be impossible to bear without your many kindnesses.

Tonite, Mark is more "perky" than I've seen him for days. We had a "field trip" to Intermountan Medical Center for a PET scan.

The report was that STILL a mass cannot be found! Only a train of Lymph nodes lit up on the scan on his neck. Apparently not "hot" enough to impress the Doc's.

So Sat. morning he will undergo a bone marrow biopsy to continue the "fishing expedition"!

In otherwords, the diagnosis of Burkitt's lymphoma has been deleted from his list. He returns to the "unsolved mystery" club.

He continues to maintain his stellar courage and will to fight. An example to all of us!

As we got back in the transport vehicle to return back to Primary"s, He informed the driver that "Primary'S" had burned down and that he should just drive us home instead!

Tonite each time his nurse enters the room, he pretends to have a seizure by shaking and gagging. When she reacts with shock, he gets a little grin of accomplishment!!!

I realize the high probability that his improved status today is a direct result of blessings upon him that have been pleaded for by all of you. And I send my warmest thanks and wishes for love and happiness in each of your families.

Goodnite, Marks mom

*post note (Saturday morning): The bone marrow biopsy has been postponed until tomorrow due to a high volume of emergency surgeries taking place at the hospital today.


Kari Howell said...

I hardly know what to say except that you are amazing in every possible way! Marky is so awesome, what a fighter, what a valiant boy!!! We love you and your family and we are all praying for you as well. Thank you for the updates and your positive light Lynette- you are an amazing woman and mother. We love your family!

The Howells

autumnkelsch said...

hey lynette!! i bet the nurses freaked out when marky did that!! haha tell him he better get better soon so he can hang out with us and play in the snow!! love you guys!! -autumn