Wednesday, December 16, 2009

This website has been set up to keep friends and family updated on the latest on Mark Jeanes and his condition and care. I live next door to the Jeanes family and set this up with their permission to keep loved ones up to date so they can spend their time with Mark and making decisions on his behalf. Everything I post will come directly from what James and Lynette ask me to post so the information will be straight from the source. Feel free to leave comments and encouraging words for the family. Thanks to everyone for their concern, prayers and continued service in behalf of this sweet boy and his wonderful family.

--Jana Harris


Markys mom said...

Hi everyone on Saturday nite from Marky and his devoted Mom!

Mark will finally start to receive nutrition tonite through his I.V! He continues to be unable to keep food or drink down. So this is a welcome and needed procedure. This is called "t.p.n."---total peripheral nutrition.

As many of you are fasting and praying for him tonight and on Sunday, I ask you to especially include the fine Doctor's and caregivers who attend him. That they may have their intellect hightened and open to inspiration regarding this deserving young "warrior".

I tell each "team" that has come to witness this medical mystery that I pray for them equally as I pray for sweet Marky.

Ironically, Marks name we chose for him in sign language is ----sweet Marky. You make the "M" sign with your fingers and wipe your chin. Indicating a sweetness dripping from your chin!

He has had many dear visitors to lift our spirits. Numerous phone calls inquiring and sending heartfelt wishes. Contributions of every kind are flooding in from known and unknown friends.

For all of this, the Jeanes family extends our sincerest gratitude.

Mark will hopefully undergo the bone marrow biopsy early Sunday morning in yet another attempt to diagnose his condition.

I feel a sense of peace and comfort as I trust that our Father in Heaven is aware of Mark. His burden has been laid at our Father's feet. I feel his arms surround us. We will accept His will and support his plan with courage and honor.

Goodnight everyone..Marksmom