Friday, December 25, 2009

Hi everyone!

Just thought we'd put up some fun pictures for Marky to view when he looks at his blog! The Christmas pics of him and Sammy are from last year.

Marky's Uncle Lyle Beecher will be hanging out w. him tonite so "Mom" and "Dad" can rest up for tomorrow. Lyle took a stack of movies for them to watch together! I'm sure they will have a great time !

We really appreciate all that our family and friends have helped with. This could not be possible without all of you! Marky had a great day and enjoyed opening his presents. It took him most of the day to do it....He would open a few, and get tired, then try a few more, etc.etc. He is a trooper.

Aunt Lori got clearance for him to suck on a ring pop!!!! What a treat for him to have something w/ flavor!!1 He's been restricted to ice chips for days! although I may have sneaked a few drops of Sprite on his tongue when the nurse wasn't looking! I can't confirm or deny that! He enjoys the mischievious-ness of sneaking!!!!!

Good night everyone!-----Markysmom