Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Day from Markysroom--

The true spirit of this joyous day is here in this room with Marky. Heaven sent angels, seen and not seen, have ministered to him through the night. Mark is experiencing such pain and difficulty just being comfortable. His big wish for Christmas is that when he gets outa here, he is going to have the "biggest drink of water ever"!!!!

A big drink of water! Thats all he wishes for! If only we could re-direct our priorities and desires the way this precious child has demonstrated over and over! What lesson for all of us to learn from a seven year old child.

As I think of the Savior, his only wish is the same for us. That we drink of his life! That we quench our thirst in his sacrifice and love. That we in turn love one another as he loves us. I am starting to get this.....I hope you guys are too.

Marky's room is full of gifts from so many people! We are so moved by the out-pouring of love from all of "Santa's helpers"!

We still await results of the tests done during his surgery. Possibly Monday at the earliest. Then we will know how to proceed with treatment. Until then we maintain our bedside vigil and wait.
Love, from Markysmom!


Lee said...

Very powerful writing, Lynette. Your blogs really do help us feel like we are there with you and sharing in the sorrow and tough times. I hope to be there soon.

Uncle Booty

The Evans Family said...

Lynnette & Family,

We are so glad for this blog & your updates! We are praying for your family. Your courage & strength are amazing! Know that the Lord does Love you and he is aware of your trials. You are passing this test with flying colors and you are an inspiration to all of us. We continue to pray for you daily. Let us know if there is anything we can do.

Kristi & Family

Anonymous said...

Marky's sucking on a ring-pop tonight!!! We asked the nurse if it would be ok, and after several phone calls to "the powers that be" we got clearance!!! He is loving it. He's grateful to taste something other than ice chips!

One of the last presents he opened tonight was a big bottle of bubble bath. He reached out to rub his hand over the label. He insists on keeping it by his side on his bed. I think he's dreaming of a bubble bath! So cute to watch him enjoy simple things such as a smooth label to feel over and over.

He is the sweetest thing in the whole world!

It is truly a privilege to help care for this sweet boy.

Sharyle said...

Thanks for your blog, Lynette. The beautiful lessons we learn help to ease the sorrow and pain we feel. Marky is an angel and I am sure there are angels watching over him and his family. LOL

Grandma Wendy said...

Our prayers are with you. Neil got a new hip for Christmas, so we are a little homebound for a while, but we are with you in spirit.

Neil and Wendy Christiansen

Jody Rappleye said...

To Marky:

Hold strong brave little warrior
This war you fight is brave...
There are angels on the battlefield
Your life..this war..they'll save!
My prayers are with
you! Love Jody

To Lynette,James,Scotty & Sammy:

We have no words to express how we feel. Our hearts are heavy. You are constantly in our thoughts and our prayers. Marky is special. He has always been special.Everyone that has ever met Marky knows that! When our grandson came to primary, Marky was the one who befriended him, sat by him and made him feel comfortable.
Things will work out for you. We don't know how or when.. but they will. There is a prayer chain going around that we have never witnessed before. It is strong. It is carried by angels. Grab hold of it and it will carry you through until your cute little family is once again all together and in your own home.
Our prayers are
with you
Jody and Mike Rappleye

Anonymous said...

Hi this is Grandma & Grandpa Simmons, Mark, we love you and your Brothers, we have a lot of Family, Friends and Family, praying for you. I wen't by my Beatution, her name is Annette, she said her Church is praying for your recovery, and a Church in Alabama. My Church, my Cousins Church, so many people are praying for your recovery. We love you and miss you, all the boy's, got to commend Scotty, such a wonderfull Grandson, and so brave. Jeynette, is a wonderfull, Mother, and I could not have wished for a better daughter-in law, God bless her. Heres a little saying, When you are down to nonthing, God is up to something. So Grandma,love's all of you, sorry we can't be there for you, only in spirit and threw e-mail and cards. Our prayers are with you. God bless. Love you always. Grandma & Grandpa Simmons