Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Our Shoulder Doesnt Hurt Anymore !

Phew, that's a relief.

Thanks to my "little sister"...(by a VERY important 5 minutes)...

....My shoulder stopped hurting this afternoon.... right about the time SHE got a giant Cortizone shot in HER shoulder !

Yep, it's a Twin thing.

At least that's my opinion.

About 26 years ago something similar happened.

I was at work. My lower leg was killing shin-splint-killing me.

I was whining about it all morning and went home early and couched my sore leg.

Then the phone rang with a report that my Sis had been in a 3 wheeler accident and broke her leg and yanked the other one pretty bad, too.

I won't say out loud who the perpetrator was in that calamity, but she has shared his last name for 25 years despite the "warning siren" (so to speak) set off by that fateful tumble !

Our leg eventually got better. I spent that whole summer helping my Twin with everyday life as she was restricted by casts from foot to hips on BOTH legs !

I remember trying to wash her hair as she layed in bed. My mom would get tons of towels and a big plastic drop cloth from my Dad's paint supplies.

Her casts were such that her legs wouldnt bend. Therefore eliminating the idea that she could maneuver around the corner into the bathroom to ...eliminate ! You can guess that I had all kinds of unfriendly names for that Potty Seat next to her bed !

Prior to that, while Lori was on her Mission to the great state of Indiana, we each sent each other the same birthday card. We have duplicated that routine several times.

We've tricked every one from school teachers, boyfriends, Lyle..when he was juiced up on Lortabs with a tweaked back, to dear ol' Dad and, when they were little, Lori's own set of Twin girls !

The web site that comes up when you Google "Twin ESP phenomenon" sites all this cool telepathic stuff about us...then at the end it states that it's all most likely just co-incidental happenings.

To that, I say to my Favorite sister ( I know, she's my only sister..but I can still say's MY blog)...

One of my most beloved treasures in life is my Twin sis, who accompanied me on our sojourn...

....coincidentally !


Hey...I was just thinkin.....

My bank account's empty and so is my gas tank ----

Ya think she'll pick up on that ESP and "fill er up" ?