Saturday, June 9, 2012

Markysmom will not be "Fortysomething" for very many more days !

Just sayin....

I'm not gonna verbalize the actual age of my biological tissues outloud, I'll tell ya that !

However, my spirit and intellect are WAY under age in comparison to my bio-age.....thankyouverymuch !

I've got an "Angel" friend.  She gave me a pre-bday gift today.  Actually her gift to me, that I treasure above all tangibles, is her friendship.

Her card to me quotes this statement:
   "The number of prayers we say may contribute to our happiness,
     but the number of prayers we answer may be of greater importance."

I excitedly read that over and over...thinking....WOW, how can I live my life more effectively so I may possibly help to answer someone's prayer? 

What an inspiring idea ! 

My Ph.D. brother, ( favorite of em), wrote a book that I'm still trying to translate a word at a time so I can understand whattheheck he's saying.

But in his book, he contrasts the difference between "Action" and "Passivity".   He refers to a German author whose characters revolve around this conflict of terms.

Man could I relate.  How many times do we "sit and stew" instead of "go and do" ?

As expected, I've only dredged through the first chapter of my bro's book...I think I need a better dictionary to look up his "big-boy" words.

But I'm getting a teeny whiff of what is possibly being described  by him. 

I gotta "go and do" MORE !  Just incase someone needs an answer to THEIR prayer.

Thank you Angela.
Thanks to all of YOU for answering many, many of our prayers!  And for being MY inspiration to keep "pushing my hand-cart" .

Love from your "not forty-something anymore" friend....Lynette


" Hit It......." said...

Happy pre birthday! You and Troy are the same age (funny) you seem younger. ha ha

Have a wonderful day. Hugs!

Byron and Jana said...

Yes you will for sure always be youthful in spirit and energy! And believe me, you have answered more prayers than you will ever know! You are a doinhaled have a gift for lifting those around you and making people feel loved. And thank you for sharing your gift with me and my family so generously during our time next door! You will be so so missed!

Anonymous said...

I do not believe that you will be greater than 40 something. There is something wrong with the math. Please re-calculate.