Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Marky turned TEN !

That's right, double digits!

How'd that happen?

He's had a fun summer.  Lots of fishing, camping and just generalized "hoopla-ing".

Hasn't had a single sniffle or gurgle or twinge!

That means....Mom had a great summer, too!

If you're hearing a loud clonking, it's me, knocking on wood!

I bought a treasure at my dear friend, Vickie's, yard sale last Saturday.

It's a wooden cut-out that sits on your shelf...a very prominent shelf in my house.

It simply says.....

......"So. . .! "

I don't understand why she could give up such a treasure with such a great inspiring message? !

She did say, however, that when she put it out on her table for sale that she thought of me.  And thought that I might like it.

Yep, priceless !  Genius !

To all the heaps of "growth opportunities" that keep hurling themselves our way.....

I say...."So...." 

Which means, in my mind, "Bring it on!", "We'll tote it like we always have..chin up--shoulder's back!"

Carry on!

Love, Lynette


" Hit It......." said...

Love the saying...it fits you perfectly. Tell Marky happy belated birthday. Our guys are growing up too fast. Miss you guys.:)

Going Global said...

I have no doubt you will! Good to hear Marky's well and "marching" on!

Anonymous said...

Glad to see Marky is doing well. As a parent suffering from watching my own boy suffer I feel your pain. God Bless.