Saturday, December 22, 2012

A few weeks ago, Marky came into the kitchen and said to me,

"Mom, I'd like to write Christmas letters to all the wounded warriors laying up in the Veteran's Hospital."

I said, "Really?"

He said, "Yeah, I remember when I spent Christmas in Primary Children's Hospital...I think it would be nice if all those guys got letters to let them know we care about them."

So he planned a 'letter writing' party.  He and Jonah delivered flyers to lots of neighbors inviting them for the event AND Root beer floats.

Close to 50 of Marky's closest friends showed up that day !

Three local heroes showed up in military uniform to encourage the writers.

You shouldv seen the looks on the kids' faces when those soldiers walked in!   Mouths dropped open and a lot of "wow's" and "awesome's" could be heard!

119 letters, a flag, and a Dollar bill in a Baggie....
All produced that day by these wonderful friends!

All total, 150 letters were written, then rolled up and stuffed in a gift bag with a set of hand warmers and chocolate (of course!)

Marky and Jonah handled the assembling of the gift bags, with some "assistance" from Sammy! (refer to picture below of Sam sitting in the crate, throwing the bags out as fast as the guys put em in)

Then on Tues the 18th, Mark, Jo, Scott, Ma and Pa and Uncle Colonel Kendude presented them at the VA hospital!

Such a neat experience!  The VA staff welcomed him like a ROCK STAR! , toured them through the halls talking to "A Few Good Men" and giving out his letter bags. 

How many people were affected by this valiant "Little Warrior"? ....Hard to say.

I'll tell you this Mom couldve never been more touched by this "Little Warrior's" generous heart. 

Jonah was quoted as telling his proud mom..."That was the coolest thing I've done all year...besides going to Sams Down's Syndrome Christmas party!"  ( by the way, Jonah also told his mom he wanted to take all the special needs kids home after the party!)

Long post, I know....making up for lost time!

But, this story deserves to be told.

Merry Christmas to all our loved ones!  


Anonymous said...

A mutual friend directed me to your blog, and it is very inspiring, but unfortunately you should know that Ken Crocheron is not in the military, special forces, or a HALO jumper. He only did basic training and has never served over seas. He Is not a Col. and has received no awards or merits from the US Military. I'm sorry for any pain this might cause your family, but by doing some research you will be able to confirm the above.

Anonymous said...

Just a heads up. "Uncle Colonel Ken Dude" is not on the up and up. The military record he claims is a figment of his imagination. Members of his family have even confronted him about his false military claims. Protect your son from this guy.

apollo21lmp said...

my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. i'm hoping for a full recovery for the young man. however there is something you should be made aware of. the "Green Beret Colonel" in the post dated Jan 10, 2010 is a phony. by looking at his uniform errors he was probably never in the military. here is a blog post with more info on him, on behalf of all of us who legitimately served in the military we are sorry that everyone was fooled by this man. we are all hoping for a full recovery for Marky.
r. messer