Sunday, February 12, 2012


Took Sam to the Cardiologist last week.

Shoulda called ahead to issue a "Red Alert" status to the clinic letting them know Sam was preparing for battle.

I also shouldve called in some "back-up" forces for myself, as well !

Started off trying to get a chest x ray.

Finally got a wiggly portrait of his wire sutures from his heart surgery 7 yrs ago.

The xray tech was clearly special-forces; she got out her best tactile weapon to subdue the combatant:


Yup, Sam gave in. Put his hands in the air, the Tech snapped the picture!

The xray revealed that atleast 3 of the 5 or 6 wires that were placed during the surgery to hold his sternum together have come undone !

Betchya can guess when some of that happened .....

Yep, Cookie Cutter's battleground....I mean hair cut salon.

Sam's cardiologist is a seemingly nice enough guy. After trying to accomplish an EKG, a blood pressure check, and just a measly pulse-oxygen finger check thing....

The doc drew in a deep breath of defeat.

Then he said..."Well, Mrs. time Sam gets "put-under" for a procedure of some sort.. give us a call so we can show up and get our tests done on Mr. Sam !

What a Chicken !

"O'Sama" triumphs again!


kendude said...

Well you just don't submit when you are clearly of such superior status in life as this Osama. That would create such an uproar among those of us who have endured Samsults over the past several yrs.


" Hit It......." said...

Your cute Sammy keeps the Doc's on their toes...what chickens! I am glad that I can comment again. I miss you. I hope everything is peaceful in your house.


Cathy Wallace said...

Oh my, those are some pretty serious haircut wounds!

Better schedule the doctor AND the barber next time Sammy goes under anesthesia! And maybe the dentist, the pedicurist, the opthomologist, the manicurist,
the orthodontist, and the massuse!

(The massuse is for you, Netti!)