Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Sam Strikes Again....

This time was different, though.

It was MY heart.

I just got him out of the bath tub, all nice and snuggly warm.

Wrapped in a towel on my bed, he layed there looking so sweet.

I leaned over and kissed him on his cheek and point blank asked him:

"Are you my ANGEL ?"

First, his eyes kind of darted back and forth, as if he was debating
whether or not I deserved to witness this rare glimpse into his soul.

Then he looked me straight in the eye..

He said, very plainly...."Yes"

Next, I asked:

"Did you come here to bless all our lives?"

He said, very plainly...."Yes"

I tried to stay calm.

I answered back telling him, thank you for coming to me.

I whisper this to him every night as I tuck him in bed.

Then as quickly as the miracle came and the veil was slightly lifted, he looked away and we were done.

He rarely pronounces words with the ending consonant. Usually just an approximation of the word.

Tonight I got a distinct....Y E SSSS !

For once....

I am speechless.


" Hit It......." said...

My dear made me tear up. That little boy of yours is so special. He knows and understands more than anyone gives him credit for. You are lucky to be his mom!

Erin said...

Oh, Sam Jeans! We are so lucky and blessed to have him in our family!

B Ready to Read said...

XXXXXOOOOO wiping tears away.

Brooke said...

Oh netti this is so precious. We are so lucky to have him to bless our lives

Cathy Wallace said...

What's this big lump in my throat?

I'm glad you got a little peek into Sammy's sweet soul. YESSS!