Thursday, July 22, 2010

July 22, 2010 in Marky's world --

Marky is doing GREAT ! He's been buzzin around the neighborhood with his buddies having a fun summer.

Speaking of Buzz's......Our next door neighbor, Jana, gave Marky the customary "summer buzz cut" on Monday ! She lined up all the neighborhood boys out on her front porch, James included, and buzzed em all ! Sam kept acting like HE was gonna be next, standing there like a little puppy wagging his tail for a treat ! Then as the barber stool was made available each time, he ran for the hills !

So, Sam is the only guy within miles without a buzz, currently. I've been debating the "get him while he's sleeping" technique ......will get back to you on that !


Unknown said...

So glad to hear everybody is doing well!
This is awesome!
Exciting times for Make a Wish coming through and a summer full of fun!
About time your crew gets to let the hair down and have fun!