Friday, March 2, 2012


Sam brings home a daily account of his "participation levels" in his various subjects at school.

Adjacent to each "activity" on the ledger is a HAPPY face or a FROWNY face...depending on his "participation level" ( aka--mood-o-the-moment).

IF a frowny face is the assigned designator, there is usually written in the margin a description of the "offense".

Most times they are violations such as goofing off, not putting toys away, saying "No" to a teacher.

This time the frowny face was next to his speech therapy class.

"Talking...not having a "quiet mouth" was the offense !

Marky, Scott, and I have been chuckling about it ever since !

OHMYHECK ! Sam was talking in speech class!

The nerve of him !

So here's a cluster of kids that don't "communicate" so well..(according to whomever's standards)...and one of em finally starts chirping, and BAM !... "no Sam, we need a 'quiet mouth' " !

I'll let you guys chuckle about it now :)


Cathy Wallace said...

This reminds me of when Sam was given a hearing test as a baby. He listened or turned his head away as he felt like it, not anything to do with random noises. After "specialists" concluded that he couldn't hear, you (the real specialist -- MOM) said he could hear just fine, he just didn't feel like doing their dumb test.

Sam will listen when he wants to listen and talk when he wants to talk. Class or no class. Test or no test. Smiley face and all. :) Keep smiling Sam!

kendude said...

Today I was in a resaurantt with my sister and some guy was not using his quiet mouth and unlike Sam, you couldn't understand a thing he said. I wanted to give him a frowny face and a split lip. YOU GO SAM!

Markys mom said...

Im thinking about having a sign made for them to put on their door: Quiet Please, Speech Therapy in Session.

" Hit It......." said...

Very funny. Your cute Sammy cracks me up!

Anonymous said...

I love my birthday card from the Jean's family. Up on the left hand side is a little name and if you look close it is "SAM." I was so excited to think he signed it just for me. It made my birthday......
Love,Grandma Joan

Brooke said...

Oh Geez! Nettie, you better get in there and 'ask to speak to the manager'!

B Ready to Read said...

Ha Ha Nettie! Like Brooke said..."speak to the manager!"

Anonymous said...

I would've liked to have had an interpretation of Sam's "words" during speech class!