Thursday, March 15, 2012


Sam hasn't been to the Dentist since he was 2 yrs old.

He's 7 now.

Yuuuuup, you heard right. That's a 5 year "gap" in the teeth care of the little "angel" !

With Sam's hair cutting antics and general day to day "opportunies for growth" (that's code talk for challenges...which is code talk for "all-out" tasmanian defiance), this "Chicken" of a mom has conveniently avoided the .......Dah dah dah.. (sung in descending low bass tones)... dentist !

So, Tuesday after school, I took Sam to just "meet" the Dentist ! You know, give them an opportunity to size each other up.... do a little "posturing" so to speak!

Dr. "Bob", the family Dentist is a REALLY smart guy---

He was "busy", so he sent in his assistant to meet the Sam man.

She was really cute and had some newly sprinkled "pixy dust" on her face that seemed to capture Sam's attention.

He fell for her hook line and stinker! With little effort she got him to open his mouth and just "count" his teeth. Then he even let her brush his teeth!

Yeah, that's right! She brushed his teeth!...with no back up special-ops forces! He even stuck his tongue out and let her brush IT !

At our house, all the planets have to be lined up just right and enough willing rogue vigilantes available to hold him down to try to brush his teeth !

Then Dr. Bob peeked his head around the corner and said, "Hey Mr. Sam"!

Sam coulda cared less, he had a cute girl in his sights !

After an attempt to take a round of x-rays of his little choppers had failed, it was decided to schedule a future "visit" back in the chair to further evaluate with Dr. Bob's VERY good friend... the Anesthesiologist !

Of course my wheels were spinnin !

"Hey, ya think she could get an EKG and blood pressure and pulse oximeter while he's under?" (see post about the cardiologist !)

"and, OH YEAH..... a HAIR CUT !" (see post about hair cuts) ...

"and, OH YEAH....cut his toenails and fingernails, too!" (what the heck, let's get r done!)

Dr. Bob thought a "One-Stop Boutique Dentistry" visit was an acheivable goal.

I said I'd bring the hair clippers and nail clippers and shop-vac to clean it all up afterwards!

Genius plan !

Why havent I scheduled a Dentist visit to get Sam's hair cut YEARS ago !


Erin said...

This is really a brilliant idea. I hope it works out! Love you guys! Wish I was there to help out as a member of the special ops team!

" Hit It......." said...

You are so cute Lynette. I wish you could have taken pictures of Sammy on your phone. He is a lady's man!

Seriously, you need to get all of the maintenance stuff done while he is under. It would help with your stress level. I know the cutest girl that might be willing to help you out. Let me know.

Michelle and Sean said...

Hi there, It's Michelle Agnew, the one you did the ultra sound on the other day. It was so good to meet you!! I am so happy to hear Marky is doing well!! Thanks again for not finding anything wrong with my arm;)

B Ready to Read said...

Guffaw! Love that little guy.