Monday, March 19, 2012

Scott went to Prom ! he THAT old ???

Guess so.

He was so handsome. I didnt put pics of him and his "girl" because her mom may not want her on a public blog .

But, she was adorable. And they were so cute together.

I was beaming with pride for my boy. And cried at every check point!

Today, gotta take the Tux back !

Happy Monday everybody


" Hit It......." said...

Scotty looks so handsome. Did he have a fabulous time?

btw - you are nice about not putting her on the blog. I would put her on it and not name her.

Anonymous said...

Scottie is a darling can't be that old, ma.

Kari Howell said...

That cute "girl" is in our new ward! And Aidan misses Jeanes terribly, like in a not even funny kind of way- we all miss you!