Tuesday, May 18, 2010



No calamity or illness to report ! Just NON-STOP FUN !

Marky and his brothers had a blast.

The weather was great and the scenery was spectacular !

Sam loved all the red dirt. His weekend-long occupation was to fill up
his shoes with the smooth, wonderful feeling, "sandstoney" dirt and marvel
at his accomplishment.....over and over !

One of the days, Marky and Scotty and myself took a hike up to view the "Delicate Arch". The hike was quite taxing on little Marky, but he was
determined to get to the viewpoint.

Scotty, of course would hike ahead and at one point jumped out to scare Marky and pretend to throw him over the edge.

Mark reacted with hands on his hips in a matter-of-fact lecturing posture stating............"Scotty, I've already lived through ONE life-threatening experience, ---- I don't need another one ! Geez ! "

While the boys were marveling at all the scenery, I was marveling that "The
Jeanes People" were actually on a vacation together ! That Mark Jeanes was
hiking on a trail ! And not traveling "up the mountain" to PCMC, and "wheeling" down a hallway for surgery or more tests !

I think I'd like to label this trip in the books as......

"Delicate Arch meets......Delicate Mark "


"Desert sand meets........Draper Sam "


"Slick Rock meets.........Slick Scott !


Amanda said...

Yesterday when I saw Marky riding his bike I thought "what a wonderful miracle I've witnessed!"

Glad you had a great time on your vacation.

Erin said...

That is absolutely fantastic! I'm so happy that you guys got to go on a VACATION! Woo hoo!

Love you guys!

Sarah's corner said...

Vacation time for the Jeanes!!!!
Well deserved and long time coming!
Glad you were able to do it.
Love you guys,

Cathy Wallace said...

Wow, to think just a short while ago everyone was celebrating when Marky could stand up, and then walk down the halls at PCMC, and now he is hiking! :)