Sunday, May 9, 2010


The Deseret News section B, And the Salt Lake Tribune .

The articles are about the "Bike's 4 Kids Utah" rally yesterday
at Intermountain Medical Center ( which is where Marky went to
get his P.E.T. scan, by the way.)

In the Tribune article Marky was quoted after the reporter asked him,
"what are you going to do when you get your new bike ? !?!?! " .........

Marky very practically replied........ "I'm goin to ride it !", what a
ridiculous question !

I reminded me of the time we were in the hospital and Marky could finally eat again.

The nurse came in first thing in the morning and asked Mark, "what do you want to eat?"...

Marky just looked up at him and said......."BREAKFAST, DUH ! ! "

I envy the simplicity and uncomplicated world of a young child !

Scott gave the most awesome Mother's day talk in church today ! In front of all those people !
He was a natural up there, speaking just like a great leader. I was beaming with pride.

Atta boy Scotty !

His Grandma and Grandpa Cole and his Dad Mike surprised us all and came to see him
speak ! That was fun, and we appreciated their effort especially since they've had some
physical trials of their own lately.

As I stood there watching Marky at the Bike thing yesterday, I was yet again amazed that he was even there to RIDE a bike after what he'd been through just months ago ! The miracles
we all were fortunate enough to witness with Marky are gifts some people never have opportunity to receive. And I am grateful to have been a small part of the great effort to
carry Mark through his trial, along with all of you.

So, HAPPY MOTHERS DAY EVERYBODY ! And.......go check the paper !
Love, netti........


Jennifer said...

Happy Mother's Day Lynette...

Kari Howell said...

Scotty did do a great job!!! What a great family you have Nettie, because all those boys have a great MOTHER!!! Happy Mother's Day to you!!!! By the way, in sacrament meeting, Ethan said, "I hope Sister Jeanes is here today." I pointed at you up on the stand making faces at some kid. By the way, he does not say comments like that often. We love you!!!

Sarah's corner said...

I am so glad you had a great Mother's Day!
It is a treat when a child gives an awesome talk, specially on Mother's Day.
Hopefully things will get better this week for you guys.
Tell James that his standing appt at 9 on Thurs is available if he wants it.
Love you guys,

Markys mom said...

Hi Kari !

Like the bad example that I of the highlights of my Sunday up at the organ, is making silly faces and doing silly signs to the little Rupp kids who are trying so hard to be good on their bench while their Bishop/dad glares at them ! I love that Ethan likes Sister Jeanes ! I love him 2 ! netti

bbqhuff said...

You guys are awesome! Thanks for making my life good. Congrats to Scott. He's growing into a wonderful young man.


Markys mom said...

Hi Barbie ! Seems like yesterday
you were at our house in Canyon Rim trying to get little Scotty to walk (at 18 months !) Ive still got the picture of you holding his hands, urging him down the sidewalk ! The good days ! Love ya, Netti