Thursday, May 6, 2010

Thursday !

We ALMOST, i repeat, ALMOST made it thru a week without a
"man down"....

Until today......

Marky woke up with a screaming sore-throat and both ears killing him !

He stayed home with James, while I went to work.

James took him to the Doc to survey the "magical mystery boy" at 11 am.

No new strep this time, thankfully...he is still on his last dose of antibiotics from last weeks strep throat !

Who knows what it is....he got his Methatrexate shot on Tuesday night.
Maybe it's side effects related to that?

Poor guy just gets percolating into a rhythm of school and activity and...boom he's back down.

That is why we take each day as a gift, dont we ?

He checked out a library book yesterday from school that had a bunch of
"ARMY" jeeps and Humvee's in it......He is WISHING for that MAKE A WISH like you wouldnt believe...

So cute to see his anticipation.

James is anticipating too ! at how much LESS lawn he'll have to mow
once the fine yard decor is in place !

Happy Thursday


" Hit It......." said...


I am glad that he didn't have strep.

I hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day. You deserve it!



Cathy Wallace said...

Oh . . . and we all thought the jeep was Marky's idea! Now we know James and his lawn mower put him up to it! ;) You sure know how to find the silver-lining in everything!

We hope Marky feels better and his dream comes true soon!