Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Tuesday May the Fourth !

There is an Angel who looks upon us now from Heaven , who's Birthday is today.

Her name is Jessie.

She loved her Birthdays. She liked to celebrate with a Star Wars theme , and
Love to say...


Not long ago, Her family and friends watched helplessly as she suffered through the last few months of her short life on this earth.

I believe that Jessie was among the realms of "comforter's" that attended to
our dear Marky as he lay suffering, as she had.

Jessie's angel mother is Marky's 2nd grade teacher, who visited him often in the
hospital and continues to watch over him as he strives to keep up with his class.

She came to the house 2wice a week to "home school" him AFTER she had spent all day with his other classmates, tired as she must have been.

Her dear family understands mercy and kindness and teaches us all through their quiet service to others.

So today, on Jessie's Birthday....Im sure she is having a huge party in the "STARS" and she is telling all of her "buddys"...



Anonymous said...

the Beecher family misses Jessie today
too. Love to the Hodsons -- From us !

Cathy Wallace said...

Jessie sounds like a sweet girl with a wonderful mom! You sure have a lots of angels hanging around your house-- on both sides of the veil!