Sunday, August 29, 2010

On a lighter note......

This is picture does in no way do justice to the mess that our littlest "Angel" Sammy had waiting for me when I got back from work tonight !

It is an entire box of Nestle's quik dumped on our couch by the "destroying angel---sam" !

We just barely got that Nesquik chocolate decadence last week when i got a decent paycheck ! We hadnt had any forever !!! Its not a necessity...just a treat...

Now our dog Rocky is trying to lick it up off the couch !

Sam is a gift !


DianeandJordanNielson said...

Scrap it up and put it back in the box!!!!! Mmmmmmmmm dirt adds just the extra bit of flavor your looking for!

Byron and Jana said...

I think we need a dog! Love you my friend!

Brooke Isaacson said...

Lynette and Family-
This is Brooke Isaacson, your old nanny. It's been 6+ years since I've seen you and think about ALL of you regularly. When I heard about Marky's condition I was shocked and he's been running through my mind. This is the first I've seen your blog and heard about the Make A Wish Foundation. I am so glad that you have people looking out for you. Marky is such an amazing little guy. I can't imagine everything you must have been going through as a family. You are all so strong.

Scott and Sammy have grown so much too! 3 growing boys must be quite the handful. I have a daughter of my own now. She's almost 8 months old. Her name is JoLin and she is the light of my life.

I wish I had a phone number or e-mail address to reach you at. I don't know how this blog thing works. I would love to see you guys and help you in any way I can. You just name it. You can e-mail me at I have thought about your family daily for years. I love you all and would love to hear from you.

Cathy Wallace said...

Rolling in chocolate!? Sounds kind of heavenly (unless you are the mom who gets to clean it all up). This reminds me of the time when our youngest son, at age 2, dumped an entire package of shredded cheese on our new carpet while I was on the phone. I told my friend on the line that I had to go so I could vacuum it up. She stopped me just in time and warned me that it would melt. So in the end, we used the same kind of canine clean-up crew you have! Keep smiling!