Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sunday the 29th of August --

Today ive been invited to tell the "Story of Marky" to a group of Primary children in Sandy.

Marky and I will go and do our could words possibly do justice to such an extraordinary journey, let alone cram it into 10 minutes!

I will tell the children of one of the pivotal experiences in the journey of Marky...

One Sunday, our bishop Jeff Rupp, invited all the dear Primary children in our ward to kneel down together in the primary room. He then offered a humble prayer pleading with the Lord to heal sweet Marky.

He also visited EVERY class and meeting during those couple of hours in our church building and invited each of them to kneel in prayer as well.

A whole community of people binding their faith and love together for the sake of this child.

I was not there, as I was with Marky at the hospital that day. But as the story was told to me by so many... I have no doubt that God heard these humble people, especially those little primary children.

Soon after this event, one of President Monson's associates, Elder Kenneth Johnson, came and administered a beautiful blessing upon our Marky. He blessed him that he would someday return to his daily life. And be riding his bike with his friends.

I remember sobbing, and doubting. Wondering how any of this could ever be, as I watched my boy laying listless in that hospital bed, barely hanging on to life.

That very night, late, around midnight, a Doctor i hadnt seen before stuck his head in Marky's room. He introduced himself and said he'd heard about Marky and had to come see for himself!

He said he had seen something similar to what Marky had. And started talking about the treatment that Markys other Doctors should think about trying.

I begged him to please....."Go write the Orders in his chart, right now" !

I knew the Lord had sent him to us that night.

Marky had been laying in that hospital for weeks and weeks with everyone scratching their heads not knowing what to do.

I told this Doctor that the Lord had sent him to us, I told him that he was an answer to our prayers. I hugged him and thanked him profusely as I cried with gratitude.

It was within 2 days that Marky started getting better. He was responding to the treatments.

A true Miracle that I cant deny. Even with the prominence of my cynical streak, (which i think is just a defense mechanism for disappointment), I witnessed a great event.

It is evidence that we are not alone in this world. That God does hear our prayers.

You are ALL answers to our prayers. With the many kind deeds and words offered by so many of you throughout this "trek" of ours.

We are so grateful to each of you for helping us get our little Marky back to " riding his bike with his friends" !

Love, lynette


Anonymous said...

Daer Lynette and Marky; You need to write a book and publish it so other children can learn of Marky's "miracle." It really is a marvelous story because the good Lord wants us to live and come back to Him someday!! Love, Grandma Joan

Sarah's corner said...

Dear Lynette,

What a beautiful testimony you have my friend!
Those primary children in Sandy have no idea what a gift they got today.
Thank you for warming our hearts and reminding us of how wonderful the Lord He works through His servants prayers do get answered...
Miracles still happen today!
Anybody that doesn't think so, let them look at your family and see for themselves.
Love you guys,

The Green Family said...

Lynette and Marky,
I think you should write a book about Marky's Miracle. That is such an amazing story and I know that you have been blessed and guided by our Savior. Thanks for the invite to the Make a Wish celebration. It was awesome and Marky looks great! I am so happy he is back to riding his bike!

Cathy Wallace said...

I hadn't heard about Bishop Rupp kneeling with all the Primary children --how touching! God hears the prayers of His little ones. We're so happy you are getting to witness some of the answers to those prayers!