Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Wednesday the 25th of August:

Today, maybe, I can get enough composure to log in to Blog !

Monday was, for most of us w/ kids, the first day of school !

I had the day off, thankfully. It was Scott's first day of High School at Alta High ! And Markys first day of 3rd grade !

I dont know which one of them i cried most about !.....Scotty, my first born, off to scarey High School, or Marky.........ACTUALLY ALIVE AND GOING BACK TO SCHOOL !

Fortunately, my husband James understood , or at least sensed, that he should just leave me be !

After getting them all out the door and delivered to their schools, I sequestered myself in my room and cried. I qued up my best "chick flick"....Pride and Prejudice...of course, and burrowed in for a few hours.

I believe that the therapeutic value of even a couple of hours of this curled up, fetal position, chick flick, crying nonsense is beneficial , even though it accomplishes little in the way of productivity and rarely changes the outcome of anything you were "curled up" about !

I did however dump out the "unmatched sock vortex" drawer on the bed as I sat there and tried to make it look like i was doing something important, should James peak in on my ritual !

Before the "curl up", I had driven Scotty to The front door of Alta High. Of course, I had my camera to record the monumental event of the FIRST DAY OF HIGH SCHOOL !

I insisted that he pose in several places showing the "Alta" logo in the background. He was rolling his eyes in every picture !

Finally, He said....."Mom, ENOUGH ALREADY", and I reluctanly watched him toddle off to the den of lions !

i MAY have driven around the school a couple of times, just incase he came running back out !

Then I had a great idea !...I called him on his cell phone to see if he had enough money for lunch and snacks !!!!

This always works with kids ! Offer money and they always come running ! And he did ! I got one more look at my little Scotty before his innocense was shattered ! reluctantly, i drove on home to face the next torturous chapter of the day. Taking Marky to 3rd grade !
Sam will start KINDERGARTEN next week!

Another day of miracles ! Who wouldve thought my littlest angel that began this earth life with so many trials would ever be riding the bus to kindergarten !

My neighbor, Dave Dansie, stood on our driveway one day about 5 years ago and said...."You just wait, little missy (anyone is "little" next to Dave), pretty soon, that little guy is gonna grow up and be going off to school before you know it !"

I thought, yeah right Dave ! Sam was so sick and laden with complications of many kinds in those early years.

I hate it when guys are right ! But, glad Dave was right about just this ONE thing !


" Hit It......." said...


So many milestones in one day. I can't believe Scotty is in high school.I remember when he was twelve. I would have driven around the school as well.

Don't count little Sammy out...he will surprise you. That boy was given to you for a reason.

I hope Marky's 1st day went well. Can you believe our boys are that old. Marky will do well... just wait and see.



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Joan Christensen said...

Dear Nettie, You make my tears and James have faced so many trials and the Lord has helped you through all of them because you deserve the best. Hannah and Kandace started High School today and Alyssa in Middle School. That really makes ME feel old. Love, Grandma Joan