Thursday, August 12, 2010

Sitting here staring into Sam's beautiful eyes reminds me of a quote by another "lucky" family member of a child with Down's Syndrome....

He's not here to LEARN....he's here to TEACH

One of our little Sammy's latest M.O.'s (mode of operations--for you non-military's) is to grab the 2 people he's in between and pull them together and make them either hug or kiss each other, then they have to kiss him, or he kisses them !

He does this at church, and other places, when i'm holding him while talking to ANYONE !

So great, and such a lesson to learn, on so many levels !


Anonymous said...

Hi there! Found you guys online. My teen daughter was diagnosed with the same thing early 2008. 15+ surgeries now, etc . . would love to get a chance to talk to you!


Anonymous said...

Oh! Sent that too soon! :) Do you have an email address to touch base at all? My daughter is 17 now. Multiple abdominal surgeries, obstructions, now TPN dependent, double ostomy, just had ostomy takedowns. A mess as I see you guys are going through as well!

Lisa :)

Sarah's corner said...


I miss you girl!
When can you come over and we can chat.
I check your blog daily for updates, haven't seen one for a while.
Give me a call or text when you have a minute.
Sure love you guys.

Anonymous said...

Sarah -

Is there anyway you can pass on my information? I don't have a blog, but my daughter does have a caring bridge page. Not sure if it will let me post it here or not or my email address! :)

caringbridge . org / visit / macschwartz

I left spaces between those just in case it kicks it out for posting a website! :)

email is softballchick684 at yahoo

Thanks so much!