Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Wednesday evening--

Marky just got back from his Endoscopy thing.

Dr. Pohl showed me the pics of the tour through his GI tract.

Several areas of bleeding lesions which are generally associated with celiac disease.

He is mostly convinced that this was all triggered from the gluten challenge.

He even suspects the possibility that celiac disease triggered the auto-immune response that triggered the fibrotic sclerosing retroperitoneal spindle cell tumorous whateveritwas crap that took over his life !

All of Marky's old "teams" that swarmed around him during the last "war on terror" up here are back coming in to see him.

After all, he IS a legend up here, "the Miracle Marky", the "wonder boy",

One group of Docs is ordering a bunch of other lab tests to rule-out some more stuff. He will get an MRI tomorrow, too.

So we will hang around up here for at least another day or two.

Blessings are continuing to come to our little warrior as he fights the good fight......again.


Erin said...

Sending LOTS of prayers your way! We love you guys!

Brown Family said...

Each entry has me wishing I could give your wonderful, strong little boy a hug! He is such an example, your whole family is! The last post mentioned about the blessing he was given before going to the hospital and your son assisting the Bishop brought me to tears! Thank you for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Just heard about Marky and read all of your recent posts!! We are praying for all of you again! The sroey if little Sammy was so sweet...what a blessing he is to us all as is your whole family. we love you all!! Aunt Dianne

Noelle said...

He IS Miracle Marky! I miss being at Primary's to visit all the miracles like Marky! I hope all is going well and am praying for you. Love, Noelle