Monday, September 27, 2010

UPDATE at 8 pm, Monday night----

So far, the blood work is turning up with nothing significant---thankfully.

Marky is still drinking the icky contrast for the CT scan. They will get him in for that within the hour most likely.

His pain is still quite bad. They gave him some Zophran--the wonder drug for nausea.

His eyes crossed within minutes after the good stuff hit the capillaries !

Thanks for all the calls of concern and support.

Sam is at home with a fever, trying to share the spotlight with Marky, i guess. James is tending to him, along with Scotty.

Thanks to all the neighbors that are pitching in with offers to help.

Will update after the CT results. Probably will be a couple more hours.

Love, Netti


" Hit It......." said...


Please call me if you need anything. I will even tend Sammy. Let me know what is going on.