Saturday, September 25, 2010


No change in Marky's status.

He's no worse. That's good

No Better. Not so good

His buddy Jonah came over last night to cheer him up and play a little.

Jonah keeps a vigil over Marky and reports any signs of anything when it comes to Marky's condition.

He is a devoted friend and is so amazing to watch as he worries about Marky.

Im working again this morning. When i get home i'll assess the patient and try to decide whether to take him up to PCMC.

Something is not right. Can feel it in my gut. And his eyes are sunken and glassy. He feels like throwing up all the time. His headache is better, no spots anymore. Just complaining of "crappiness" and nausea and his liver hurting.

Ive been nervously eating all the cookies at work and raiding the fridge for Diet Coke ! ......What else can I do !


Melissa Monsen said...

Oh Lynette, I am so sorry for poor Marky and you! I hope he feels better soon and hopefully that feeling in your gut turns out to be nothing! This poor boy and his mama have been through enough! Keep us posted.
I did have to chuckle a bit when I read about you raiding the fridge at work for cookie dough and coke!