Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Markys pain returned last night with a vengence.

He was actually admitted to Primarys as an inpatient this time for more agressive pain control and tests.

James took him up there and I stayed with Sam and Scott.

The Dr. said they would likely do some kind of scope on him today to see anything .

Last night before they left, Bishop Rupp happened to be here dropping Scotty back home after home-teaching.

We invited him in to give Marky a blessing before he went up to the hosp.

We all sat at the foot of the bed while Bishop Rupp layed his hands on Markys sweet head.

Shortly after Bishop started with his prayer, our "angel Sam" very softly crept across the bed and got up on his knees next to Marky and PUT HIS HANDS ON TOP OF THE BISHOP'S .

He assisted reverently until the bishop was done.

I was amazed at the sight of this dear heavenly angel helping to minister unto his brother.

A task i'm certain he came to this earth to do.
All that the bishop said after he took his hands down from Markys head was ....
...."Thanks for the help, Sam ".

It was a moment i will treasure all my days.

Wish you couldve all been here to see and feel .

Love you all. Netti


Anonymous said...

We are thinking of you guys! Keep us posted!!

" Hit It......." said...

This poor little guy. I am thinking of you. You are in my prayers.

Amanda said...

That is so touching. What a sweet moment. I'm so thankful to know the Jeanes'. We are continuously praying for our awesome friend MARKY!

kidstuff said...

Who better to give a blessing than perfect Sammy.


Byron and Jana said...

That really is so sweet. What a neat story. Love you all!

Mark said...

I love Marky and your family so much. You are definitely in our prayers. Please let me know if there is anything we can do.

Thank you for sharing this experience. It is one to cherish forever.

CandD said...

I'll be up there again on Friday and see if I can pop up to see you guys if you are still there -

Christine McAtee