Sunday, March 14, 2010

More about today--sunday--

Today Marky and I went back up to PCMC to get his pic line replaced.

before they did so, the IV guy decided to give it one more try to
unclot the line. He worked on it for close to 30 min.

i remembered that yesterday, they got one of the lumens opened
up ( there are 2 lumens side by side). I remember thinking about
me and Markys prayer...that the angels would help unclot it. (See
the blog a few entries down)

So today as they made a last attempt before they sedated him, I
watched the guy ( a former MARINE--by the way), working and
working....I thought of the story of the Pioneer Woman whose
OX had fallen down... She pleaded with the Lord and told the
OX to "GET UP,..
I CANT DO THIS ALONE" . ...I thought about that DARN CLOT !

I pleaded with the Lord, in my heart, to MOVE THAT CLOT !... The IV guy got
up and left the room for a sec, then came back with a giant syringe.
he messed with the line again and all of the sudden Marky said...
"wow" and said he felt a WHOOSH go by in his neck !

The clot had been dissolved in some way and Marky felt a sudden
rush of blood flow coming thru !


This is proof of things that I dont deserve to experience....but God
gives these things to people like me who need teaching over and

I reminded Marky on our drive home, that our prayers had been answered.
I told him that he could pray any time his heart or on his
knees.. that God would hear him, especially because he is a child.

love you all.....lynette


Sarah's corner said...

Yes, you do deserve it!
If you didn't deserve it, it wouldn't be given unto you.
So, enjoy the miracle, write it down in your heart and love it!
I am so glad prayers do get answered...amazing how He does it every time to all of us.
Love you guys,
PS: I didn't get a text or phone call. Just saying....

Cathy Wallace said...

I wonder how many people over years gone by have had their faith strengthen because of a struggling ox and the prayers of a righteous woman?

I wonder how many people over years to come will have their faith strengthened because of pic-line miracles and the prayers of a righteous woman?

I don't know anyone who deserves miracles more than you, Lynette. You have 'faith in every footstep' . . . keep walkin'!

Love, Cathy