Sunday, March 14, 2010

This is Marky's Aunt Dianne and I wanted to tell everyone of the great experience we had last night at our Stake Conference. Our visiting General Authority was Elder Kenneth Johnson...the same Elder Johnson that gave Marky his wonderful blessing in January! After the meeting which by the way was the BEST Saturday night session of conference I have ever been too, we went up to him to tell him about Marky. I started out by saying, "Do you remember going to PCMC in January and...he then finished my sentence by saying "giving a blessing to Marky Jeanes?" I said Yes and was going to give him an update on how great Marky was doing when he said he reads the blog all the time. I thanked him for the wonderful blessing he gave Marky and he said "what I told Marky in his blessing came straight from our Heavenly Father." I told him Marky and his family were coming for dinner tomorrow and he said, Please give my love to Marky and his wonderful parents. He is such a great man, so obedient, so close to the spirit, such a man of God. I have NO DOUBT that the blessing he gave Marky will come to pass! It was a wonderful experience to meet this man-one that I will ever be grateful for.


Anonymous said...

What a GREAT day! That is awesome about the pic unclogging! Thanks to Aunt Dianne for sharing that touching story! You all are certainly special people!! And to top it all off with a steak dinner, doesn't get much better than that!!
Jana Banana :)

Cathy Wallace said...

Dianne, Thanks so much for sharing that experience! What a blessing to know that the Lord is mindful of Marky and his family and shows His love through one of His chosen servants.