Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sunday Night at Markys home !

Yesterday Marky started some chemotherapy drugs to
combat the disease process.

He will now get a shot in his leg, once a week...
given by Me or his Dad......eeeeek ! !

The stuff is called methyltrexate, or something like
that. Its a smaller dose than they give for most
cancers. So hopefully the effects wont be as severe.

So far, he's doin okay. He's a champion !

We were invited to attend the Make-A-Wish gayla
dinner/fundraiser last night at the GRAND AMERICA
HOTEL ballroom !

What a neat experience. There were around 600 people
there, most of them business people with VERY generous

Mingling among the crowd of the exquisitely dressed,
affluent (is that how you spell it?) people, were young
people, such as Marky, wearing WHITE ROSES on their
lapels identifying them as "WISH CHILDREN".

As these "important" people noticed the young little "white rose wearers", I sensed a feeling of pure love and compassion
from them.

These people's sole purpose for being there was to help
ease these little sufferers' burden's, if not just for
a short time. To give them repreave from the pain of their
illness and perhaps forget for awhile, the cross they have
valiantly been called to bear.

My heart is filled with gratitude for these kind people,
along with the hundreds of others of our friends and family
as I think of the impact that even ONE CHILD, such as Marky
has on the human spirit.

I am resolved to GIVE as you all have given to us. To
return kindness and caring and love to anyone in my reach.

As I kneel to speak to our Father in Heaven, I know, he
is listening. I know he sends help in so MANY ways to
confirm His existence and make good on His promises to
not forsake us in our times of need.

I am humbled, as always at the realization of the infinite
love of God for EACH of us as His children.

Love to all of MarkysBuddys, lynette


Julie Flowers said...

Marky you are such a strong boy... we sure pray for you, my boys NEVER forget... I am so excited about your wish.. What an Awesome Wish!

Lynette thanks for all you do, you are SO Sweet and SO Strong! I just wanted to let you know I sent you an email to read when you get a minute.
Julie Flowers & Family

Sarah's corner said...

I am so glad you got to go to this gathering of compassion and love.

Beautifully said, the Lord does love each one of us more than we can understand.
Thanks for sharing.
Love you guys,

Byron and Jana said...

I love hearing your sweet testimony ring through your posts!

Cathy Wallace said...

You're making me cry again!