Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Zoey Update:
Just talked to Lynette and heard that Zoey is doing much better today. She is pretty bruised up, one eye is swollen shut from all the bruising around her head and face. They took off the head/neck brace and this morning she is walking around and responding to questions, so signs are good that there are no neurological effects from her fall. Thank you for your prayers in Zoey's behalf. Life is fragile so enjoy each day and don't forget to tell the ones you love how special they are to you!


Cathy Wallace said...

Thanks for the update on Zoey and glad to hear she is doing better. :) We hope the Jeanes family is valiantly plowing through another week too. Love and Prayers!

Tricia Kener said...

Dear Nettie,

This is Zoe's mom, Tricia Kener. We just returned home from the hospital with Zoe and other than a few broken bones and bruises, she is doing great! What a miracle we have witnessed! I wanted to thank Nettie from the bottom of my heart for showing up that first morning out of the ICU to give me a much needed break! It had been a really hard night and I don't think I realized how much I needed to walk away for a moment and take a few deep breaths. After all Nettie has been through, and yet she still has room in her heart to serve others in need. What an amazing example she is to me! We have followed Marky's progress on his blog and seen many miracles happen for him as well. It is true that the Lord will never leave us, even in our darkest hours. We are grateful for all the prayers said on Zoe's behalf, and will continue to pray for Marky as he battles on. Much love from the Keners to the Jeanes.

Markys mom said...

Hey Zoeysmom!

I need an update on the little princess ! How is she doing?

Tell her we are still praying for her to get better.