Thursday, March 18, 2010


Last night Marky and family went to the Make-A-Wish "wonderland" !

What a great experience ! We were greated by the "wish-granters", Mary, Jodi, and Annie, at the door and the night turned magical !

They wish-granters gave us a tour of the "castle" which was so cool ! There were pictures and stories hanging on the walls of precious children and their wishes granted.

Pictures of kids in front of Disneyland, Disneyworld, Paris, Hawaii,
Secret Gardens....Everything magical.

Hanging from the ceiling were hundreds of crystal like stars...each with a special childs name on it who had received wishes !

I was overcome with emotion at the realization that my Marky fit into this category to deserve a wish !

Flashbacks of the last 4 months of hospitals, surgeries, pain, sorrow at diagnosis's unknown, IV's, needles, NG tubes, vomiting, unknown futures, and on...

These little angels with their names on the stars above..EACH ONE.. had suffered more than any one could ever imagine their child suffering...

And each one, i'm positive, faced THEIR challenge just as heroic as my Marky has.

Do they not each deserve any wish that could be pulled down from Heaven?

As the "wish-granter's" inquired of Marky what he might like to do, or where he might like to go, I imagined him popping out with grand ideas like.....Disneyland or beaches....

Then...all of the sudden...He said it....!


WHAT !!!! we all said ???? Yep, you heard ARMY JEEP!

The "wish-granter's" said..."No-one's ever asked for THAT before" !

But they humored him and I could see their wheels start turning in their creative heads. !

So on the way home I started to think....Hmmm how's that gonna
look in the FRONT YARD..which is where he wanted to put It !

We convinced him that it could be more fun in the BACK yard for lots of better reasons ...and he settled for that !

So there goes another lesson from Marky....No place is ever as GREAT AS YOUR OWN BACKYARD TO BE !! IN THE WHOLE WORLD OF CHOICES...HE PREFERS TO STAY HOME AND HANG OUT !.....IN A JEEP !

Maybe the Army Jeep represents to him a protection from the world...To sit in it and not let the bad guys get at you..? This is my take on it.....what about you?

Love to all


Byron and Jana said...

hey are these comments working?

Byron and Jana said...

yay! yes they are, so everyone feel free to comment now! i guess you can't have everything, so its either cool camo background or comments... maybe i can figure out how to have both, but this will do for now. :) can't wait to see the army jeep rollin around out my window!

Cathy Wallace said...

Yea! Thanks for fixing the comments, Jana! Camo was cool, but comments are cooler! ;)

Marky, that is so awesome that you got to 'Make a Wish'! An army jeep!!! Wow! I don't know anyone else who has one of those! I think it's great your Mom and Dad let you decide on your own wish (aside from the little suggestion about botox and lipo for your Mom!).

I'm glad you are having some happy times! :) Love ya!

Sarah's corner said...

Yeah! Comments back!
Marky, I am looking forward to seing your jeep in the backyard. that will be awesome!

I bet they will have to work hard on that one.

Have fun!

Byron and Jana said...

Cathy, Lynette knew you would be the one to miss comments the most! It is great to hear from everyone. Glad I got it figured out!

Markys mom said...

Yahoo for JanaBanana ! She's the blog Manager--
I barely know how to turn on the computer---let
alone put up a background !

Jana is a Jeanius !

Thankyouthankyou..I was going thru comment
withdrawals !