Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Hi everybody from Markysworld !

I returned from Pittsburgh last night to find that...believe it or not...everyone here survived without me for 5 days!

Marky fared well, or so it seemed, until I asked him if he'd
had a bath or brushed his teeth while I was gone.......

Scott turned 15 while I was gone !! Who let that happen! This is the 3rd year in a row that I have not been in town for my "first born's" birthday ! My previous job had taken me away from the home regularly, and this year proved no different. I tried, again, to explain to Scott that I needed
to leave town to work to keep the roof over our head...As
usual, Scott tried to understand and accept and forgive his mother! What a great son he is ! I hope someday when he is is older and wiser, that he will look back on his early years and understand that I was working like crazy to give him a good life, not just that I was "gone all the time"!

Tonight, Our Bishop and Stake President are coming over to visit us !!!!

Aside from clearing a path for them to walk into the living room and arrange all the bean-bags "just so". I think I will really go all out and pull up all the old DUCT TAPE on the carpet and replace it with FRESH LAID DUCT TAPE !!

Nothing but high class from the Jeanes people !

Glad to be home and back on the blog !
Thanks to everyone for helping us in so many ways!
love, Netti


Byron and Jana said...

you make me laugh! fresh duct tape! so good to have you back!

Amanda said...

Glad you are back home! I always look forward to my daily markysblog reading!

"Moving On....." said...

Hi Lynette,

I was beginning to wonder why there wasn't a lot of new posts. Makes sense...you were out of town.

Why don't you "Spot-Light" Scotty on your blog? That kid needs a little shout out for his understanding. He is a great boy (he knows that you are not away on purpose).

I hope you know that I think of your family daily. You are in my prayers.


Karie McRae

Markys mom said...

Hi Karie !!!! great to hear from you !

I DID do a huge spotlight on the awesome scotty kindof close to the early blogging weeks , check the old blogs, you're sweet to worry about him

But I agree, you can never have too many spotlights on all these amazing kids of ours !

Speaking of amazing..how are Brady and Taylor? Tell them we said howdy !

love you guys, lynette

Sarah's corner said...

Glad to see you back!
I was going through withdraws of Marky's blog.

I agree, Scotty Needs a spot light again. There are never too many. And...he just had a birthday!

How did you class go?
Are you ready?

I hope so.
Praying for ya'll.

Sarah's corner said...
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amy m said...

Glad your back, seriously, the place isn't the same without you. Hope you had fun in PA, uh, studying... ;)

Cathy Wallace said...

Welcome Home Netti! :) Fresh duct tape for visitors . . . why didn't I think of that? ;p I'm sure Scott is already mature enough to realize what you are sacrificing for your family. When he sees it as an adult and a provider it will only add depth to his gratitude. You are a GREAT mom! Believe in yourself and all the good you do! I hope your tests are a breeze this time!