Saturday, June 12, 2010

Hi Everybody !

Thanks for all the great Birthday wishes !

As most of you know, i share my birthday with my twin, Lori.

She entered this world 5 minutes after me. I was grateful for the
companionship, as i had three (3) older brothers waiting in the wings
to torture a little sister !

I turns out that wasnt the case at all. Our three brothers adored us
and still do. We think they're pretty cool too, with few exceptions !

Yet, my little sister, Lori, was and continues to be the one that carries
the weight of our sojurn !

She rescues without hesitation.

She answers my relentless cries for help.

She offers support and a shoulder to cry on.

She understands charity and pure love.

She demonstrates charity and pure love.

She is all that i hoped i could be.

She is all that i wished i could be.

I owe her an eternity of gratitude for her companionship. And i will
ever be her loyal envious friend and sister,

Happy Birthday, Lori ...........Love Lyn.


bbqhuff said...

Happy Birthday, Picky. Hugs and Kisses. Barbie

Anonymous said...

love mom

Sarah's corner said...

No need to be envious of your sister...
You are all those things to a lot of people.
You are an amazing woman!
You are kind, loving, patient, you care, understand and accept the Lord's will, you make people laugh (that is a gift that not many have, to put a smile on someone's face), you truly are an example of love to all that surround you!
You are a woman of courage and virtue. envy necessary.
Just know that we love the fact Lynnette is who she is and how she touches our lives.
Love you girl,

Bre said...

Well, I think you both are amazing and beautiful women who I have always adored.

Happy Birthday to you both!!!

Love, Bre