Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Tuesday June 22nd in Marky's world---

On Saturday Marky was invited to be a VIP at "Fort Douglas Day's" annual parade and open house.

Fort Douglas is an Army depot up by the University of Utah..

He was treated like a king. Got ride up on a big 'Deuce and a half', which is a big army truck that transports guys and big guns and all that cool stuff.

He got to shoot off a cannon of some sort. They told me the caliber, but it didnt register in my non-guy stuff brain. But it sounded big !

He also got to shoot a machine gun and ride in their parade !

LUCKY ! ! ! All this is part of the Make-a-Wish happenings that are starting to come together !

The guestimate of the Jeep arrival is somewhere around 3 wks from now.
We are Sooo excited ! As you can imagine.


mary said...

The jeep is coming! The jeep is coming! Wahoo! Love you, Marky, and fam. :)

The Green Family said...

Marky deserves this jeep even if it is a "liability." It sounds like he is doing reMARKably well. I will keep in touch and let me know when that jeep arrives :) Take care!